DONT TEMPT ME- Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa And Nchimunya


By Miles B. Sampa, MP

A Mr Chanda Nonde who is campaign manager to one of the PF Presidential candidate has ‘zandad’ (extremely furious) because I stated what I saw at the Mongu toll gate which was a makeshift looking setup operating 24 hrs without due security. He states Mansa and Kasama toll gates are similar and I should have not stated my observation of the Mongu one.

Maybe to some extent that’s why the PF Vote in Mansa and Kasama was not to expectations aswell. Constant justification of what was failed to be justified pre last elections reminds me of the proverbial Ostrich burying its head in the sand. Mongu, Mansa and Kasama Toll Gates should have and must be upgraded as they represent Provincial capitals.

When and if I become power hungry in PF (as he implies ), a very big announcement will be made but for now no need for Mr Chanda Nonde and your Boss or Bosses to be defensive or jump up and down each time I make some observation on any topic of national interest.

We are are far from next general elections and we should spend current time introspecting. If you and others believes in opposition politics of Only criticising government and continue to Praise past government even where they might have gone wrong, the we different. I praise any action pro people be it from government or oppositon and also criticize anything that does not benefit ordinary people and Zambia in general be it from the ruling government or from opposition.

You keep using same innuendos that failed to prevent me from becoming Mayor or MP of Matero. I did not go to Mongu to go point and praise projects that PF may have done or not done. The Mongu toll gate caught my attention as first of its kinds away from classy ones that I have seen in Chongwe, Choma, Shimabala, Chisamba, Serenje, Copperbelt etc.

I drove 9 hours in the night to Mongu on my biblical beliefs to visit people that I know and are now in prison. Regardless of the alleged crime committed, anyone that calls themselves PF knows Mumbi Phiri and Shebby Chilekwa. Seeing them smile be it for minute upon seeing me inside their prison made my day.

My calling now is Ubuntu projects while you may keep jostling for the PF presidency. The sudden feeling of entitlement to the PF by some that even got it lose last year is most worrying. Only them or who they support and not any other person should dream of the PF throne.

Meantime instead of selling your declared and preferred choices, you busy attacking a non declared person. Your constant jabs at me may however leave me with no choice but come out for the PF Convention if I continue to feel your your voices are lonely and preferred choices are not supported by the majority grassroots bonafide membership of PF.

Don’t tempt me please. I am enjoying my Ubuntu projects and for now wish it to stay that way.


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