Don’t Make Any Attempt To Attack The Pastor; He Spoke The Truth – Johnnie Hughes Serves Notice

Johnnie Hughes, host of New Day show on TV3 has reacted to a trending video on social media which shows what a pastor said to NPP executives at the just ended Thanksgiving Service of their 30th Anniversary.

The man of God made it clear to the President and all other NPP executives who were present that they should make sure that there is unity in their party. He added that if NPP brags that they have the men but goes ahead to have division in their party, it won’t bring good fortune to the country. The facial expression of the president and the NPP executives explained how they perceived such information from the pastor.

“NPP party talks about we have the men. If you have the men without unity, you don’t have the mind. Because the men are there and they’re not united, they will not give you their brains. The party will differ, and the nation will suffer. nation fails, you have failed” the pastor said.

According to Johnnie Hughes, the NPP should not make any attempt to attack the pastor. He added that people may now create the impression that the pastor they invited is a member of the NDC who came to tell them the truth. He made it clear that what the pastor is the absolute truth and the party should accept it in good faith.

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