Don’t insert your ATM card if you notice any of these three things in any ATM machines

Every day, technological innovation resulted in the introduction of new instruments to make life simpler. Although technological innovation has a benefit, it also has a disadvantage in that cybercriminals are using it to improve their plans and methods.Before inserting your ATM card into any ATM machine, keep the following three points in mind.

Automated skimmer connected to the card reader of the ATM.

When you get to an ATM machine, the first thing you should do is check to determine if it has a money skimmer.

Skimmers are little electronic devices that are attached to the card reader and should be avoided by anyone who is unfamiliar with ATMs.The skimmer is smart enough to read a credit card’s magnetic stripe and collect the information on it.

I am convinced you realize the implications of this since these fraudsters can exploit that information to steal it from you.

A plastic overlay that is affixed to an ATM’s input buttons.

In addition to the skimmer mentioned above, another type of skimmer that may be added to an ATM’s input buttons is explained in detail below.

Unbeknownst to the consumer, this plastic overlay is capable of capturing their PIN as they type it into the machine.As little more than a result, it is vital to always inspect each ATM machine for any plastic overlays before using it.

Attached to the ATM machine is a camera gadget.

The last and most critical form of ATM skimmer used by criminals is camera devices strategically installed on the ATM machine itself.

The cameras on mobile cellphones may capture every move that occurs as users slide their card into the card reader and enter their card PIN. Please keep in mind that if you come across one of these skimmers, please do not use that specific ATM.

Also, it is critical to notify the bank’s authorities so that other inexperienced users are made aware of the problem before becoming a subject again.


  1. Çan the skimmer be installed without the knowledge of the bank official, BANk ẞÀNK SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BEFORE 8T IS TOO LATE

    1. The central bank should have monitoring team to checkmate all atrocities of this nature by banks or erring staffers of the banks who may collaborate with internet fraudsters to defraud unsuspected innocent citizens

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