Don’t Blame Nana Addo And Mahama For Fuel Price Hikes; The End Of The World Is Near So Repent Now.

Ghanaians are stunned with the recent judgement made by a trader during an interview at the Kejetia market. In an interview with the trader on Pulse TV, the interrogator questioned the trader, “how has trading been at the Kejetia market”?

The trader interestingly replied, “the Bible even indicates that, when judgement day is near, there will be daunting periods and that when such occasion arrives, we should endure it”. According to her, Ghanaians should not blame President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and Former President Mahama for the fuel price hikes and high cost of living because it is not their fault and that judgement day is near. As maintained by her, the end of the world is near and that it is not their doing so Ghanaians should repent now!

She further indicated that Ghanaians do not purchase much of the items she sells and that whenever she comes to the market to sell them, buyers or Ghanaians feel cheated because of fuel hikes and the high cost of living.

Videocredit: LoudSilenceNews.com and Pulse TV

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