Does Peeing After Intercourse Prevent Pregnancy?

I was surprised when last time I heard some people saying that peeing after intercourse is an effective way in preventing pregnant so they mostly drink lot of water to pee and prevent pregnancy. Most teenagers have low education on how pregnancy occurs and thinks that ordinary water can wash away the millions of sperms that has swim through their fallopian tube.The fallopian tube is different from the uterus.

Today in this article we will be discussing whether or not this is true , so do well to read through this article to the very end.

Pregnancy implies the male reproductive cell travels up the female organ to the fallopian tubes. The female organ is different from the urethra, so peeing won’t remove any baby-making male reproductive cells from your female organ. This idea is false and no female should try attempting it because it will surely fail you.

If you are one of those trying to restrict pregnancy by peeing after intercourse, it won’t work. The use of contraceptives, pills and other birth control methods can help prevent pregnancy but peeing won’t help in that aspect.

Urination after intercourse is a very good practice since it prevents bacteria infections.During sex, bacteria can enter your urethra, raising your chances of getting an infection. This is why it’s important to always pee after sex as peeing flushes out the germs. Having sex with a full bladder also increases your chances of developing stress urinary incontinence.

To conclude peeing after sex do not prevent any pregnancy. You can safely prevent pregnancy using the birth control methods.

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