DJ Akademiks Puts Yungeen Ace In His Place : “You’re A Little N*gga In Rap”

DJ Akademiks recently got embroiled in a beef with rapper Yungeen Ace. The blogger embraced Yungeen’s criticism with open arms. It all started when Akademiks reported on snitching allegations involving SpotEmGottem where Yungeen Ace accused his fellow rapper of being an informant.

The rapper didn’t appreciate what Aka had to say about the verbal conflict, so the rapper took to Instagram Live to call him out.

Yungeen also told Akademiks never to speak on or report about him, and Akademiks took to Twitch to issue a response. “The n*gga sound like he is Pablo Escobar,” Akademiks began.

“I love when a rapper start off by saying, ‘I don’t be with the internet sh*t but I’m on Live and what’s my views.’ These rappers are hilarious… Don’t you ever tell me not to post about you ever again… I also don’t got to go over tons of receipts of y’all n*ggas tryin’ to pay me to post y’all.”

He continued, “Yungeen Ace, you’re a little n*gga in rap. Don’t talk about me like you some boss n*gga. I guess you like some gangsta, you killin’ 30 n*ggas in the streets, but we in the industry, n*gga. And you talking to a different type of n*gga when it comes to me… I don’t give two f*cks about y’all n*ggas.”

“This year, I’m not letting none of y’all get off,” Akademiks added. “Keep your little gangsta, gangsta sh*t with Spooky Wooky and [SpotEmGottem]. I don’t know if you’re a snitch, I don’t care.

Even if you were, I don’t care. Don’t start talking that other bullsh*t thinking you’re never gonna bully me. This media sh*t n*gga, all y’all n*ggas, y’all need me. I don’t need you.”

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