Lusaka- 21st September 2022

We wish to dismiss propaganda stories being churned out by the UPND designed to harm and injure leaders of the Patriotic Front.

One example is an online story concorted and published by the UPND titled; “Exposed; How PF Leaders Scheme to Make The Country Ungovernable Through Anarchy ” which has been circulated widely.

The story claims that the Opposition Patriotic Front leaders have devised a coordinated scheme to make the country ungovernable.

We wish to state very clearly that the story is false and desperate propaganda to dent the images of those named and incite arrests based on fabricated and concocted stories.
This is template is similar to old tactics of “Black Mamba” stories of 1990s concorted to harm, torture,arrest and lock up the Opposition leaders.

It is evil to bear false witnesses and fabricate meetings that have never taken place.

It is clear by their machinations to petition all parliamentary seats, that the UPND is determined to create a one-party state and want to crash or destroy anyone offering diverse views.

Zambians are therefore advised to dismiss the story with the utmost contempt it deserves.

It clear that the UPND has failed to govern and has failed to attend to the deep-seated economic and social crisis facing the country.

The UPND is encouraged to attend to the crisis facing the country especially the cost of living that has affected our people, the highest in the last 30 years.

The issue of rising cases of sodomy and sexual crimes against boys and men, whatever the motive, requires resolute leadership from the President and his Cabinet, and swift actions from the Police and other law enforcement agencies.

Further the Government is advised not to tolerate homosexual practices and its promotion, as Zambians have rejected this because it offends religious, cultural and traditional values.

Rhetoric, threats and ducking the matter will not resolve the crisis.

Only genuine denunciation and condemnation and swift action will end the vice.

We have also noted threats from the Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Jack Mwiimbu and various spokespersons of the UPND warning Zambians not to discuss the cases of homosexuality.

This is sad as it infringes on the fundamental rights of expression, freedom of thought and freedom expound ideas.

Issued by;

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Deputy Chairperson Information and Publicity.
Member of the Central Committee

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