By Kennedy Gondwe


When I first wrote an article in July informing the public that Chipolopolo coach Aljoša Asanović was owed over $75, 000 in salary arrears over three months – and that the coaches had been evicted from their apartments – some people in football circles disputed the revelations.

Football House and their useful idiots rained in on me with some of the officials describing the information as falsehoods, to an extent of dressing down my professional credentials.

I understand what happens when you face people with uncomfortable truth. After all, such has been, and is part of the occupational hazards we endure as journalists.

Today, I share the details of what Football House has been denying. The behind the scene of the tug-of-war between Football House and Aljoša Asanović‘s lawyers is here in black and white so that many of you who doubted and may have bought into their narrative, hopefully will have an opportunity to form your own independent conclusions.

Unless the two parties resolve their issues, FAZ and Asanović are headed for a divorce though talks continue for some form of resolution.

The FAZ executive and secretariat are split on the coaches’ fate.

There are those that feel the coaches have done no wrong but have for a long time been frustrated by known secretariat staff with delayed salaries not helping matters. Some people feel the coaches’ departure will destabilize the team while others won’t stop at nothing until Asanović is gone – even if it means absurdly alleging that he’s been difficult to work with from the time he appeared on Studio Ken (yes, you read that right!) and falsely accusing him of being racist. The players on the other hand, love the coaching bench!

As things stand, however, Asanović and his assistants are still in Croatia for holidays and not Mali where the Chipolopolo have travelled for two friendly matches.

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