Dennis Miracles, The Npp’s Miracle Man Who Is Scaring Sammy Gyamfi- Ghanaians Massively React

Dennis Miracles has become a new sensation in the new patriotic party. The Npp have been teased by their opponents for not having adequate information about things they talk about and are not able to present concrete evidence to back their lies. One of the threats and fears of the new patriotic party is alleged to be no one either than the communications director for the Ndc, Sammy Gyamfi.

Sammy Gyamfi sometimes makes people suspect that he rehearses his lines and speech very well before he mounts television or radio station platfom to deliver. Sammy Gyamfi is known for so many qualities and talents which has humility and gentleness making his personality even more attractive.

Being able to speak well and defend his party has earned him so much respect in the party. But here comes his match who is believed to have more potentials and can cripple the long-lived legacy of Sammy Gyamfi who is believed to have floored the Npp on many accounts.

Dennis Miracles is a party communicator for the new patriotic party and has been seen on our televisions a lot recently. He has defended the party and has been able to redeem the Npp on some levels.Though it is believed that deeds and not words are mostly scouted for, he is able to use his words and communication skills wisely to win some hearts.

He has been able to combat and defend the party as he had a one-one-one battle with Sammy Gyamfi on Asempa fm. Their defenses were intense and very interesting. However, the majority of listeners who support the young man from the Npp think he has done well to be able to stand up to Sammy Gyamfi in that manner. He has already won the heart of Nana Addo and the Npp, and it seems he has not even commenced his work for the party yet.

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