”Cover her shame and hear from her”- Blessing Okoro berates Tega’s husband, Ajebor for granting an interview discussing her relationship with Boma

Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has berated Tega’s husband, Ajeboh Krislawrence, for granting an interview, discussing her amorous relationship with her fellow housemate, Boma, while they were in the house.

In an interview he conducted days after her eviction, Tega’s husband said he feels broken and cannot leave his house due to the fact that people would laugh at him because his wife of four years went on national TV to have an ”affair” with another man. Read here.

Reacting to his interview, Blessing described him as an ”emotional manipulator”.

Blessing opined that if he truly wants to forgive his wife the way she forgave him when he also cheated in their matrimonial home, then he should cover her shame and hear from her.

Her words below ;

”My opinion. Dear tegas husband. You have not seen or heard from your wife and you are granting interviews, what is the difference between you and the crowd who are stoning her ? If u truly loved her you will hear from her first before granting anybody interview. I honestly think you are not hurt, you are just using emotional manipulation. You said you are ashamed to go out ?

When u are the one showing us ur face because we don’t know you if we see you . I don’t think you are hurt , you just seeking for validation. If you truly want to forgive ur wife the way she forgave you like you claimed when u cheated too. Then cover her shame and hear from her . This is what we women to for you men when u disrespect us and cheat too . I wish you guys well . Let them feed on rumor don’t feed them reality in social media, thy don’t care”

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