Corps member saved from one-chance kidnappers after observant motorist noticed her in distress and blocked the car

A corps member was saved from one-chance kidnappers by an observant motorist.

Tamunobelema Dikibo entered a vehicle at the Ikoyi-Lekki Link Bridge in Lagos, not knowing it was occupied by one-chance operators.

Once in, the men locked the car doors and windows and dragged her phone.

Fortunately, there was slight traffic and the men tried to reverse to get away from it.

Another motorist used his car to block the car driven by the criminals then knocked on the driver’s window.

The victim kept hitting her side of the window to call attention to her situation and the observant motorist left his car and stood in front of the car driven by the one-chance operators, demanding that they come down.

The criminals eventually opened the door and let the corps member out.

The corps member’s sister narrated the incident on Facebook as she thanked God for saving her life.

Kidnapping by one-chance operators has become rampant in Lagos. Only hours ago, a woman narrated how she got into a cab in Ikoyi, only to realize the driver was a kidnapper

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