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Confusion: I Want To Stop The Relationship Because She Is Married But I Might Lose My Job, I need help

There’s a lot of shocking information in the world and this is one such piece of information that’s going to shock and surprise you.

A young man shared a very interesting story of how he has been in a romantic affair with his boss. A beautiful and well-endowed boss for that matter but the young man stated that he quickly stopped the relationship after he find out that the lady was married but her husband isn’t in Ghana.

The boss lady upon seeing the change of attitude in the young man’s demeanor towards her decided to threaten his job. A job that pays him three thousand Ghana Cedis plus other incentives.

He explained that the situation became so bad at the workplace to the extent that the boss lady seized his phone and deleted every female contact from it. The young man who is currently caught up in a dilemma on whether to continue the affair or lose his job decided to seek the opinions of social media users.


  1. What advice are you seeking for.What you are doing is bad,if another man does same to you,will you take it?.Think about it.

  2. But she is so attractive as well,however you risk death when her husband discovers it,enjoy her as you make enough capital so that you exit with ability to sustain your own farmily, keep the friendship even after exiting because you never know.remember that her husband shall dicover one day.

    1. Fear God not your boss and if you stop the job because of ending the relationship God will provide a job for you

    1. First, what you are doing is evil despite that you are ok with her, believe God forget about her, pray to God, He will make a better way for you, but you must experience a little difficulties on the way, or God might change her heart, thank you

  3. A man needs to live with a job n precisely a better one, if the Boss insist of sacking him from the job, he shd act even nicer to the Boss than before, make sure he gets her nudes, anytime the Boss treatens him for not continuing with her then he also treatens her of her nudes

  4. Please stop ,stop, stop , you are unknowingly merchandising Satan’s products direct from his showroom.some people will be telling or advising you to continue, my brother , it’s simply drawing you nearer to the pit of hell.

  5. Bro the good thing her husband is not around, you can continue with her on condition that when he comes back then you have to take yourself as if there’s no any big deal between you and his wife then after him leaving you continue with the business but you also have to play your game to see that you have a side chic😋 then after you have felt like you have got enough money whereby you can run your own business then you leave the job and you go and do your own business and marry.

  6. Please enjoy the babe as you plan for exit from the boss lady and the organization. Persuade her to increase your salary so that you can get enough capital to start with when you leave.

  7. Such are the life exams faced by young men. Think of your future and decide accordingly. If she is not the owner of that company she also risks losing her job, so pick courage and tell her off. And besides whenever one door closes God opens others.

  8. let me Begin by saying sorry but even the natural Sense God endowed you is vital. You’ve been aware that your boss is married implying that whatever you are enjoying is not right. can’t you think otherwise raise some little money and Start up a job for your self cos any time you will be fired.

  9. That you need a job is not an excuse. God will forgive you if you repent since you did not know that she was married. If you continue to date her after kowing that she is married, you are going to hell. Your destiny will be forever destroyed.
    Remember that what you do to others will be done to you also. This will happen to you when you marry too.
    Above all, God will be separated from you. His favour will be withdrawn from you. It is not the woman that can give you life and money but only God. For all things a man has comes from God. Remember Joseph the dreamer in the Bible. After all temptations, he became the Prime Minister in Egypt, a strange land.
    God bless you as you leave that lady and your destiny will be intact.

    1. Bro, think about your future and again you know it is detestable. Focus on eternity and quit now that you’re aware. I also believe you’ve worked for awhile now, so it’ll be good for if you leave. Stay blessed.

  10. Believe in yourself dont allow blackmail. If the husband returns to her what will be your position.

    Do you have qualifications? You can always get a better and deserved job.

    1. Now that you know she is married the right thing to do is resign the Job, you may think you’re enjoying but each time you answer the call to satisfy her you get deeper into hell and closer to death than you ever know.
      You may think aah the husband is not in Ghana so let me keep enjoying the wife on his behalf…hmm I laugh in Swahili, you may not last the next outing. Don’t be surprise the man is already aware and your file is in his hand right now. He may be weighing options on how best to teach you a lesson and if you live to tell the story then… can have a second chance if not hell is wide open awaiting just like the way she opens her laps for you. FEAR GOD AND FEAR THE LAW OF SAWING AND REAPING.

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