Check Out How Some Nigerians Are Reacting To This Ghanaian Winning 2 Medals At A World Competition

Yesterday news broke that a Ghanaian boy had won 2 medals at the world unicycling championship. The win was surprising because Ghana is not known to partake in such competitions but more shocking was that Roger Haun was white in color. Many Ghanaians doubted the news and questioned how Roger could be a Ghanaian. Later other pieces of information came to credit his nationality as a Ghanaian.

Roger Haun III is a 16-year old boy who lives in Nalerigu. He has been living in that part of the country since he was brought there by his parents when he was a year old. Over the years, Roger perfected his unicycling talent and was even given the title Manboora by the king of the Mamprugu Kingdom.

At the world unicycling championship, Roger won silver in the 30 meters wheel walk race and picked up gold in the 50 meters one-wheel race. This news has excited Ghanaians who are having a bad day with their athletes at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Interestingly, Africa is reacting differently to this news.

Ghana ‘rivals’ Nigeria is reacting differently to this news that a white Ghanaian has won gold for Ghana. Nigerians have never forgiven Ghana after Thomas Partey and his Ghana Black Stars knocked out the Super Eagles in the last round eliminator for the Qatar World Cup. Since then, the Nigerians have knocked out Ghana’s female senior side, under 17 and Under 20 sides but this still hasn’t been enough to appease them.

Africa Facts Zone in a Facebook post have congratulated the Ghanaian for winning the medals but Omo Naija is reacting with mixed comments. Some feel Ghana is cheating her way to win medals while some wonder if Roger knows what banku is. In an era where many blacks are naturalizing for European nations, it is a sight to behold seeing a white boy feel so proud to wave the Ghanaian flag and make the country proud. Check out some of the reactions.

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