Car Is Set On Fire As Students At The University Of Ghana Clash [Video]

Most university students in Ghana are known to be future leaders. This is because it is assumed that right after school they take over the leadership of some top companies and work hard to develop the nation.

Recall that some years ago, students of KNUST destroyed the school properties just because their requests were not granted.

In the early morning, some students from the University of Ghana were also seen in a video fighting each other with stones and other weapons.

In the video a car has been set ablaze as a result of violet clash between Commonwealth Hall ( Vandal) and Mensah Sarbah( Okpo mates) of University of Ghana earliest this down.

According to information gathered, the students clashed on campus after misunderstanding between the two halls, which led to the destruction of properties. These students have forgotten that they are the future generations and will one day take over the high position of this country. Therefore, they have to behave well on campus to set an example for the upcoming students.

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