Can Ghanaians Pay for the upward proposals of Utility Bills? – Dzifa Bampoe asks

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Mr. Kofi Kapito has advised that if Montran Limited can bring the armoured cars to help banks to dispatch monies due to past events of robbery, government should provide any necessary assistance to them. He spoke about the rising brutalities of ECG staff by utility consumers. He asked why these ECG staff should suffer for going around to collect debts and recommended the intervention of the Ghana Armed Forces in helping to collect these debts.

Dzifa Bampoe, on her Morning show ‘the Key points ‘asked if Ghanaians can pay the upward proposals of Utility tarrifs. Many viewers sent in their comments on the subject and admitted that it is not acceptable to increase the tarrifs considering the economic situation in the country. Some viewers also told Dzifa that the government should concentrate on raising the required revenues from the E-levy instead of increasing the utility tarrifs.

Dzifa Bampoe also contacted a representative of NEDco to get his view on the discussed subject. According to Maxwell Kotoka, the military is not an option to help collect the ECG debts.

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