Boil and Drink Banana To Solve These Health problems 100% Working

Are you struggling to sleep?

In this article I am going to tell you how to make banana tea and its health benefits and nutrition.

Banana are one of the world’s most popular fruits and is highly nutritious, have a wonderful sweet taste, and serve as the main ingredient in many recipes. Bananas are used to make a relaxing tea.

Banana fruit most commonly enjoyed at night to aid sleep. It provides several vitamins and minerals that can improve the quality of your sleep. Bananas reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate muscle cramps, and regulate your sleep-wake cycle with serotonin and melatonin.


Banana tea is made by boiling a whole banana in hot water, then removing it, and drinking the remaining liquid.

You can make your banana tea with or without the peel, depend on how you prefer it.


  • Peel off the back of banana or unpeel the back.
  • Boil the banana for 15mins.
  • Allow it to cool down.
  • Drink the liquid and you believe what happens to your sleep.

Throw away your sleeping tablets.

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