“Bobby Shmurda Will Be Released From Prison In 6 Days” – Rowdy Rebel

Rowdy Rebel Says Bobby Shmurda Will Be Out In Six Days

Rowdy Rebel was released last year, a sign that Bobby Shmurda will be out soon. The anticipation for Bobby Shmurda‘s release has been high. However, Rowdy has given a good update on Shmurda throwing fans int frenzy.

Rowdy took to Instagram this evening where he hinted that Bobby could be coming out in less than a week. Six days, to be exact.

“SIX DAYS [LEFT],” Rowdy wrote on Instagram. “Then all the joy gone wash away the pain,I promise you brother.” Rowdy shared a clip of Bobby vibing out in the studio to accompany the message to his imprisoned brother.

Bobby Shmurda will be eligible for release on Feb. 23rd after his credit for good behavior was restored.

If everything works out, Bobby Shmurda will be out next Tuesday and will have to serve the remainder of his sentence on parole. His sentence ends in December 2021.

Several of the violations that Bobby has been handed during the last half-decade, including for drug possession, possession of a shank, fighting, and more.

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