Blueface’s Instagram Page Deleted For Sharing Strip Club Videos On Story (Watch Video)

Blueface Booted From IG After Sharing Strip Club Antics On Story
Boosie Badazz had earlier found himself on the wrong side of the Instagram mods for his racy content, his profile was swiftly deleted. It looks as if Blueface suffered the same fate after his dedicated fans went to check his page and found that it had mysteriously disappeared.

In his lengthy Instagram Story, Blueface and a few of his friends were in a crowded space as several strippers danced.

In some clips, many of the men are seen pulling at the women’s clothing and showing their genitals on camera, and soon, viewers screen-recorded the scene, shared them to Twitter, and questioned why the display was allowed..

You never quite know what you’re going to see on Blueface’s social media. Recently, the rapper treated his viewers to clips from his Bad Girls Club-inspired series as he had several women move into his home where he hosted boxing matches.

Blueface has also been busy developing his new artist and showing her off to the world, but when he decided to post videos of his night out at the strip club days ago, people couldn’t believe Instagram allowed his explicit content.

Of course, it’ll be a painful one for Blueface, considering that the rapper has amassed over 7 million followers. However, it’s expected that he’ll be back in business sooner than later.

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