Black Stars Play Best As Underdogs, They Will Rise And Make Ghana Proud; Mahama’s Word To Black Stars

John Dramani Mahama has sent a heart melting and strength boasting message to the Ghana national football team called Black Stars ahead of the Brazil clash in the world cup friendlies.

Acccording to John Dramani Mahama, he is confident and has faith in the Ghana Black Stars team to defeat the Brazilian national team. Even though anytime that the Brazilian senior national team battle against Ghana, they defeat us and has done that many times. But this time, no it won’t happen, even though the original odds are in their favor in this world cup friendly match, yet we will give them the worst beaten of their lives in football.

There has never been any soccer match that is so exciting than matches that take place between Ghana and Brazil. Indeed, such matches are interesting and exciting to watch. Even though Ghana Black Stars might become a little weak along the line, because it is their style of play, but they will definitely rise again and make the people of Ghana proud.

“Soccer matches between Ghana and Brazil are always exciting to watch. In today’s friendly at the senior level, the odds seem to favour the Brazilians, but i trust our gallant team, the Black Stars. They play best as underdogs, they will rise to the occasion and make us proud”. “Go Black Stars Go”. John Dramani Mahama uploaded this message on his official Facebook account.

What is your take on the fact that, John Dramani Mahama claims that Ghana will definitely rise and defeat Brazil today?

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