Ben Simmons Allegedly Dating A Transgender, Tries To Fly Her Out

Transgender Amani Claims She Had Relationship With NBA Star Ben Simmons

NBA star Ben Simmons, is currently trending ALL over social media, after a beautiful transgender model came forward, suggesting that she has been carrying on a relationship with the NBA star.

And the trans-girl, who goes by the name Amani, seems to be suggesting that she and Ben Simmons had a sexual relationship.

According to her, he even offered to fly her out, so that the two could spend some quality time together. Amani went on IG last night, in an effort to expose her alleged relationship with the NBA superstar.

Fans of the star quickly came to his defense, and called Amani a liar and that’s when she started pulling out the receipts. First she showed a Snapchat conversation with Ben Simmons. Then she showed a message where Ben appeared to offer to fly her out to his hotel.

And the story gets ever stranger. According to the transgender woman, Ben suggested to her that he wanted his NBA teammates to “run a train” on her.

The transgender girl posted what she calls “evidence”, a screenshot of a Snap which appears to show Ben asking her to do something with 5 guys.

Ben is yet to respond to the allegations.

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