“Being A Stripper Is The Most Decent Job”-Rapper, Medikal Avers

Sensational Ghanaian rapper, Samuel Adu Frimpong, popularly known in the entertainment scenes as Medikal has averred that being a stripper is the most decent job one could ever think of.

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In a tweet, the musician avouched that becoming a stripper in a nightclub is the most sufficient job one could ever think of given the deceptive means some people used in making money these days.

He stated that it will be better for one to become a stripper in a nightclub than to be deceived by fake men of God who only aim at using their dirty mind games to extort money from innocent people.

Medikal also added that should he be reborn, he would prefer to be a stripper instead of being a rapper or venturing into any other profession.

He wrote; Being a stripper is the most descent job tbh. It’s better than being deceived by some fake pastors in disguise. My next life I might be a stripper cuz I go come as Abena or Akos

In another tweet, Medikal stated that most people especially Africans find it very disrespectful when someone sprays money on strippers in the club. He added that people only aim at supporting the business of strippers by spraying money on them.

Africans think say Ibi very disrespectful to throw money on strippers. I’m just supporting a sister’s business, he added.


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