Be Careful Else Unemployment Will Be on The Rise – Otchere-Ankrah To The Ministry Of Finance

Doctor Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah expresses his concern about the delay of salary payment to the contractors by the Ministry of Finance.

According to Doctor Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah, the contractors in Ghana invest their money into a particular project to raise a certificate for themselves apart from the mobilization.

Doctor Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah said some contractors cross their bounds by requesting loans and investing them in the project for the certificate.

contractors do all these things just to earn certificates for themselves and the ministry of finance has also failed to pay them, Doctor Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah said they will make up their mind to resign especially the ones who requested loans.

The contractors will resign because they are not getting what they came for but rather losing since some have already borrowed.

Doctor Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah told the Ministry of Finance that they should be careful because if the contractors resign due to the delay in their salaries, unemployment will be on the rise.

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