Bally! Bally! Bwezamo Mutima Shuwa: 5, 000 Soldiers To Be Recruited This Year: Ba Praise Singers Bwanji?


Government has announced that it will recruit about 5,000 military personnel later this year.

Minister of Defense Ambrose Lufuma has confirmed the development. He said Government’s decision to employ youthful and energetic soldiers is meant to enhance the military capability of the country in protecting and defending its sovereignty and territorial boundaries.

“The recruitment process of soldiers will be advertised publicly before the end of the year. The recruits will come from all the 10 provinces and that the process of recruitment will be done in a transparent manner,” Lufuma said.

The Minister said Government has plans to modernize the military in the country in order to enhance national security.

“I also wish to inform you that the performance of our Zambian troops in peace keeping missions abroad has been excellent,” the Minister who is also Kabompo member of Parliament for UPND said during Government Forum program on ZNBC Television.

The UPND Administration has already employed over 41, 000 Teachers and Health Workers this year.

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