Atlanta Woman Arrested For Biting Family Member’s Chest After He Refused To Pray

An Atlanta woman was arrested on Wednesday in Pensacola for allegedly biting a family member’s chest after he refused to pray.

The perpetrator has been identified as Dyshannon Norris, 49, and she has been charged with battery.

According to WEART TV, she pinned a man against a wall, ripped his shirt off, and tried to bite him after he failed to abide by her request of praying for her mother’s health.

After noticing that her family was not complying, she went on a rampage and dragged the man down a hallway before pinning him against the wall to bite him. After he fled, she apparently began to yell that the family was possessed.

Upon arrival to the seven police discovered that the victim had a full bite mark on his left pectoral muscle with bruising and broken skin with bleeding on the upper part of the bitemark.

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