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Any Man That Does These 5 Things To A Woman Is A Good Man, Especially Number 5

Men are the authority in the house, their responsibility ranges from paying the bills to providing food for the family. That is why most women pray for a very wealthy man that is ready to spend on them. Who doesn’t like good things? It’s everybody’s prayer to be wealthy or marry a wealthy person.

When your wife loves you so much, she would do anything to make you happy, and that singular action only manifests itself when you treat her right. I will be giving you tips on how to treat your wife right, so hang on as we walk through this journey together.

1. A good man is a man that takes care of his woman.

Men are good but some are something else, men need to take care of their wives, care in this context does not only mean only monetary care. It is a way you show her that she’s the only person in your life, by calls, text and your actions towards her, and in so doing she would be yours forever.

2. A good man should know how to cook.

I know some of you would think otherwise, but before I continue, let me ask you this question. when your wife is due for delivery, who would cook her meals? It’s only humane not to expect her to go to the kitchen to prepare the food. Also, cooking for your wife is a romantic gesture that sends chills down her spine.

You are not under any spell for cooking for her, it’s just a treat that will spice up your marriage.

3. A good man never shies away from his responsibilities.

Men are the head of the family and thus, have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Shying away from your responsibility only makes one a coward. Life is not easy but it doesn’t mean we won’t survive. When it’s time to pay the bills, you should be proud of doing it.

4. A good man should respect his wife.

They say “respect is reciprocal”, when you respect someone, the person in turn gives you your due respect. It is very important for the man of the house to respect the wife because living in peace is a priority and when you don’t respect your wife, she would rain down hell on your home and believe me, nobody would want that.

5 A good man should know how to care for a baby.

The baby is yours and not for your wife alone, so as a man, you need to also know how to care for your child, all those duties shouldn’t be delegated to the wife alone, and it’s also a way for you to be close to your child from infancy.

Well women also play a huge role in keeping the house peaceful. As a woman you should respect your husband, talk to him calmly and don’t raise your voice at him. Men have egos and they always want to protect it. It doesn’t mean they don’t care, some would rather stay alone than say sorry. The most important asset is wisdom, take care of your home because you are the only person that knows where the shoe hurts.


  1. Attending to home responsibilities men is a preveledge but women see it as right if line and limit are not drawn

  2. If you like, bathe her in addition; an ungrateful woman will think it’s your job. A kind of permanent assignment. So let me just halp if I’m free before I enslave myself

  3. My husband does every other things except cooking,he is so detested at doing that even at the expense of his hunger he would rather starve till am back or buy food outside if am not available.

  4. I can manage to look after my lovely wife and my child, and all my responsibilities,but one thing she must all do her responsibilities,.

  5. After the men has done this five things, some useless wives will still be ungrateful and still act irresponsible

  6. I’m so lucky….my hubby does almost all, especially cooking and caring for the children. Cooking is his hubby, I love him so much

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