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Always Check Your Girlfriend’s Bag When She Visits You, See What I Saw In My Girl’s Bag, It’ll Surprise You

My name is Festus, when I was in the university I belonged to a clique of friends, we were not into crime but into girls. One thing that we used to do then was that, any girl that came to visit us and she went to the bathroom, we would quickly open her bag to go through her items, that would give us an idea of the kind of girl she was and to also know if she had the intention of spending the night.

As at then we used to see many funny things in most of the girls’ bag that came to visit anyone of us and it was so much fun.

That attitude of checking inside any girl’s bag that came to visit me when she was in the bathroom became part of me even after I graduated from the university.

After I graduated and also finished my NYSC, I had a job in Port Harcourt and a girl I was going out with in Delta state – my state of origin, came to spend the weekend with me. I had already started to take our relationship very serious because I was planing to settle down since I already had a very nice job in an oil firm and also bought a car.

She arrived my place on Friday with the intention of leaving on Sunday evening. So when she went to the bathroom to take her bath, I quickly went to search her bag and I found some clothes, night gown, pants, bra and so on, but at the bottom of the bag I found something that caught my attention TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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