“After My Father Shaved My Head And Died, My Hair Has Never Grown Back” Lady Narrates

Josepha is a 28-year-old lady from Uganda. At the age of five, her father shaved her hair and it never grew again. Later, her brows began to fall out, and she was left hairless all over her body.It’s now been 23 years and she still hopes that her hair will grow one day. Unfortunately, after her father shaved her, he died. A few years later, her mother died, and so Josepha was left with her grandparents.

Her hair has never grown back in the 23 years since it was shaved by her father. When Josepha father shaved her head, her hair never grew back. Her father passed away a few years later. Her eyebrows started thinning over time. Her entire body was covered in a thick layer of hair. They went to see a traditional doctor, along with her grandparents, but nothing changed.

They had to spend a lot of money on her because of how sick she was. It’s too bad for Josepha and her family that they’ve given up on seeing traditional physicians. Later, Josepha couldn’t walk since her legs had swelled and were weak. She had no choice but to crawl in order to walk around. For four months, she remained in the care of a hospital where she received treatment. According to Josepha, there has been a lot of stigmatisation and discrimination against her in society.

As a result of the death of her mother, she was placed in the care of her grandparents. On the other hand, Josepha claims that guys are completely scared of interacting with her.

Josepha decided to give marriage a try when one of her neighbors proposed to her. The marriage started out well and peacefully. Josepha was well taken care of by him. Her husband loved her, but his friends made fun of him for marrying a cursed woman, and their children would look like their mother, so he divorced her and promised never to get married again.

Because of how her husband’s friend didn’t appreciate her, After a while, her husband changed and became self-centered. The husband chose to evict his wife due to a slew of family disagreements. Josepha made her way back to her grandparents’ place.

In my opinion, I’d rather die than be married. A lot of males don’t feel good about themselves because of their wives. Some people are downright unpleasant and abusive. I think it’s best if I stay single. ” She adds that, as well, she says Joseph is a 28-year-old woman and has vowed to remain unmarried. Do you think she’s cursed for hair not to grow on her head for 24 years.

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