After lady fell asleep in class and woke up to see a security man on top of her, see what she did after

In a tweet that was shared by a pretty Twitter user this morning, she has narrated the horrible thing that happened to her while she was inside her classroom and fell asleep there.

According to the information she shared in the tweet, she revealed it that she fell asleep in class and by the time she woke up from her sleep, she opened her eyes to see one of her school’s security guards on top of her body, harassing her.
She revealed it that after she saw him, instead of the man feeling remorseful about what he did, he still had the boldness to tell her that, “she should give him small now” as he whispered it into her ears.

She said after she experienced this, she made a report at the office of her school’s Chief Security Officer and the man was subsequently arrested and detained there, as he was locked up immediately she identified him.

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