After 9-Years Of Marriage, My Past Is Hunting Me, Please Help Me

Hello Editor,

Please, post me anonymous. I have a life threatening issue going on in my life as my past is coming back to hunt me.

I’m in a serious mess, I can’t sleep at night again because of my past that is playing now. This is my 9-years in marriage. I have 3 handsome boys.

Before my marriage happened I used to date this Anambra guy, he is very rich and highly placed, he was the one taking care of my family.

Ma we quarreled because he hardly calls, always busy at work. So he stopped calling me nor picking my calls. For more than three weeks. And at that time was WAEC registration for my brother, there was no money. I called and called but he didn’t pick.
The next day I met this guy (now Hubby), we gisted and exchanged contacts. He invited me over the weekend. I went to his place and spent the weekend there, I told him I had a boyfriend and was still a virgin, he doubted me. When it was time to leave he didn’t let me go. He raped me.

Fast forward to a month later my guy came back and we had sex. Throughout his two weeks stay in a guest house we were having sex without protection and he was releasing inside me.
He went back to PH. While he was with me, he asked why I wasn’t a virgin anymore and I told him I had sex with a friend (I was ashamed of saying I was raped). We continued our relationship till I told him I was pregnant. He told me to abort and I disagreed and he blocked from communicating with him, he didn’t allow me to see him.

While this my happening, the other guy that raped me (now hubby) was giving his family my contact to plead on his behalf. When he heard I was pregnant, the pleading intensified. I told him the Baby wasn’t his but he didn’t believe because he met me a virgin.

Long story cut short we got married. This my ex started calling me begging that he was sorry after my friend told him about the rape story. It was too late.
He is advising me now to leave my marriage and marry him, which is over my dead body.
I don’t know how he got my Hubby’s line and told him that the first Son isn’t his. My Hubby came back and told me that I better warn him.
My ex is heading to court and my Hubby wants to hire men. Both of them are highly placed in the government. I have never cheated on my Hubby and not planning to do so.

All I need is advice and prayers, I know am a sinner and have come short of God’s glory.
I don’t need death to end this.
My Hubby is saying that our tradition is that whoever marries a pregnant Lady is the father of the child.

Please let your people advice and pray for me. I’m really sorry.

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  1. The Devil is after your peace and joy and had been dogging your every step right from the early stage, hence the confusion with your former boyfriend and then rape by the new man, now husband.
    Not done, Satan is out to mess your peace by bringing back your former boyfriend to war against your Husband, knowing that what he’s diong is wrong .
    Pls go to do Deliverance of Fasting and Prayers in any branch of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries..MFM.. nearest to you. Like the desperate Jacob in the Scripture, hold strongly unto GOD to have Mercy upon and rescue your marriage from the hand of the evil one.
    Like Esther in the Scripture, the LORD will overturn the situation to favour you.
    His Mercy endureth forever and He forgives All sin.
    Surely, GOD will arise in His Mercy, Power and Wisdom to untangle the evil web of the Devil in your marriage.
    Don’t overlook this counsel. It CAN NEVER FAIL.
    Try it and you will testify.

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