Afari Gyan Finally Tells EC The Bitter Truth Over Ghana Card For Voting Come 2024 Brouhaha

The former Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Ghana has finally done the unexpected after he finally came out to break the silence over the ‘No Ghana Card, no vote’ brouhaha by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah aside from telling her the bitter truth over the new and unexpected policy which would undoubtedly hinder Ghanaians from casting their votes come 2024 general elections.

The former Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Afari Gyan highlighted that the decision of the Electoral Commission to use the Ghana Card as the only source document for continuous voter registration can undoubtedly disenfranchise millions of qualified electorates.

In addition to this, Afari Gyan made it clear that many Ghanaians are finding it difficult to get their Ghana Cards hence making it the only form of identification for voter registration is against the electoral inclusivity, fairness, and justice as stipulated by the laws of the country.

Ghanaian citizens don’t lose their citizenship if they are 18 years or older but do not have the Ghana Card. So, the moot question is: why make the Ghana Card the only means of identification for purposes of establishing eligibility to register to vote”, the former Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Afari Gyan emphatically revealed.

Do you think that Ghanaians who do not have their Ghana cards should not be allowed to cast their respective vote for their favorite Presidential candidate come 2024 as revealed by Chairperson for the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah has raised massive concerns across all social media platforms even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

What are your thoughts after the former chairman of the Electoral Commission finally told Jean Mensah the bitter truth over the ‘No Ghana Card, No Vote’ in 2024 brouhaha that has caused massive reactions online even though most individuals claim otherwise?

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