“Adorable, Leader, All Over The, Nation” – Hopeson Adorye Explains The First Name Of Alan Kyeremanten

Hopeson Adorye Yaovi, who is a former New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate for Kpone Katamanso constituency has declared what he thinks about the first name of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential aspirant, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten.

Acccording to a post that Hopeson Adorye Yaovi uploaded on his official Facebook handle, the name “Alan” was beautifully explained by the former or past NPP parliamentary candidate for Kpone Katamanso constituency.

He explained it in the form that shows that Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten will definitely win the 2014 elections yet to be held in the Republic of Ghana. The way he explained it tells vividly that he is on the side of Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten in the next elections.

He revealed that, “A” stands for “Adorable”, “L” stands for “Leader”, and the other “A” also stands for “All over the” and the “N” also stands for “Nation”.

With these explanations he disclosed the real meaning of “ALAN” in his own understanding in his own way. This generated a lot of reactions on social media platforms.

Some said that, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten does not deserve to be the next president of Ghana, because he cannot speak good English properly.

Others also added that, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten will definitely win if only he will arrest all his friends who have put Ghana in a mess.

Without much i do, kindly scroll down to see the post and the comments below;

What is your take on how Hopeson Adorye Yaovi explained the first name of Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten?

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