Abu Jinapor Is Highly Valued; See How the People of Damongo Greeted and Received Him

It is now a normal routine for the current Member of Parliament for the people of Damongo constituency to go back to his constituency to check the well-being of his constituents and ongoing projects in the constituency.

This weekend, Honourable Samuel Abu Jinapor who is the Member of Parliament of Damongo constituency and the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources went back home to embark on a tour in his beloved constituency.

The Hard-working politician continuously showed Ghanaians and his fans on Facebook about his daily activities in the constituency. With his tour in the Damongo constituency, Honourable Samuel Abu Jinapor spent 3 days. He ended the tour on the 31st of July, 2022. But this morning he posted several pictures about his tour, his activities and how his people back home received him.

There were several pictures about him meeting the elders of some communities in the constituency and pictures of him meeting with some of the youths. The pictures that caught the attention of the public is the pictures of him greeting the elders and also how the youths and the elders greeted him and welcomed him to their various home.

In a particular picture, a young lady squat and almost knelt down before greeting him. This is something you hardly see the youth of today doing. This clearly shows how Hon. Jinapor is valued in his constituency.

Samuel Abu Jinapor is really valued and respected. If every Member of Parliament is welcomed in this manner then it is possible that, all members of Parliament in Ghana will always visit their constituencies.

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