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A Lady Gave a Beggar Food, After Some Time, The Begger Gave Her a Letter That Left Her In Tears.

A woman helps a beggar with food. After a while, the beggar gives her a letter that makes her cry. This story is not based on facts; it is entirely the product of the author’s imagination, but it is undoubtedly a lesson for those who read it.

A long time ago, in a small village named Odom lived a rich, powerful, and extremely annoying lady named Adama. Because of her despicability, and her demands for money and respect from her peers, men are afraid to propose to her. They all think she is a person far beyond their salary scale.

Emeka is a beggar who lives in the same community as the aforementioned Emeka. After both parents died and their parents’ property was taken away, the little guy had to beg for survival. He was forced to go to the streets to beg when he was very young. Emeka’s life changed from happiness to punishment. Day after day, he was forced to beg and bow down to passersby to get food or money to buy food.

One day, Adama was begging on the street, because Emeka was a wealthy lady, she ran to him and started begging for food. Adama was taken aback and was also irritated, because her box contained only the food she had prepared at home, which she had eaten. Begger her car was with the mechanic, she was forced to walk the street with her two feet. While thinking about yelling at the teenager, while thinking about giving him the food he was carrying, because he was so poor and looked so miserable.

After standing for a few seconds, watching the boy begging, she decided to give him the delicious dinner she prepared at home. The young man accepted it gratefully and thanked her. Adama went to work that day, and when she came back, she was not riding a bicycle, but in her car. The unfortunate Emeka waved to her car and handed her a letter. After reading the note “I have been hungry for 5 days, if it weren’t for you to help me, I would either die or commit suicide today”, she was filled with emotion and it was difficult to drive home after reading it. Something the young man sent her.

When she got home that day, she couldn’t help sobbing. It was at that time that she chose to adopt this unfortunate child as her son, lest he be tempted to commit suicide or starve to death in the street.

I hope you can learn something from this story. Please include it in the comment box and follow the handle provided. thanks



  1. A “fictitious-reality” with a very heart-touching content.
    However, get a good editor to do a thorough job before posting.

  2. Your writing is porous and your English construction is bad. Nice content but poor delivery…. Hope you take my critic in good faith and work on yourself before realising any content. Thanks

    1. It’s very simple to do as Adams did but the question is that in our generation today can we still have a genuine Emaka like this one again ??? Who will not come in disguise and at the end end your life because in our present world today a boy of 10 yrs can handle gun even knife or any other increminative iterm in other to carry what they are asigned to anyway if the grace of wisdom of God Almighty is with you he can review it to you because it’s written that scret things belongs to God and he review it to his beloved thank you Ian

    1. Mr James stop picking errors in somebody effort,but try to learn from the lesson taught.
      Is it not this grammar our fore father’s and we and we pass it to our young ones,yet Nigeria remain in one spot.
      It is the same British colonised Nigeria and India, Nigeria imbibe the culture of British except her science and Technology. India refused British culture but imbibed her science and technology and they use their language to explain things in their elementary schools today India is the best in IT, Medicine,but you are still editing English,in your universities in Nigeria Engineer can not produce discreet components in electronic.Mr James we need skills and professionalism not English. Thank you and GOD bless.

  3. It’s absolutely an interested story.I am of the opinion that everyone is learning a new things on daily basis.Thanks

  4. The hands that gives never lack, God created me and you for each other. Let’s embrace love and humility, share to save life. God will give you things of heaven.

  5. She is Godly and kind, May reward her. If every human being heart can be kindly like this, the world will have been very peaceful and harmonious for humanity.

    1. The story is interesting, is the duty to make every person happy, not to be the couse of his or her agony

  6. Information is wealth as they say . I have not started but I am sure my story will not be different . This is a sure cure to poverty especially in a very difficult economy like ours . Thanks to those selfless selfmade who shared their secret of there success .

    1. Your story is good but there is a mix up between Adama and Emeka. Who went to who? Read it again and correct yourself.

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