A Girl Who’s Not Having Feelings For You Will Not Ask You Any These 4 Question

It is believed that when a lady genuinly have feelings for you, they will always be having some questions and concerned about you in general. They always asks questions continuously.

1. They will ask about your family always Any woman whose feelings towards you are exeedingly true, will alway be curious of knowing you inside out and will not leave any table of your life unturned. They always want to know about your family and background in general.

2. What’s your impression of friends with benefits? Always men, be very careful on how you answer when a lady asks you anything to do with friends with benefit question. Wrong answer will make her know exactly how you cannot keep female friends who are not of benefit to you.

3. She will ask about your financial status, what you do for a living and how you get financially balanced If she really feels you, she will be very concerned on where and how you get the money you are having. She will alway demmand to know the truth about the source of your wealth. A woman who is only after money will never be interested of knowing that. Instead, she will always be asking for more and more money.

4. What is your take on mutual feelings? Whe she finally asks you thse questiond related, my dear brother keep in mind that you have passed all her tests and ready to find a good thing.

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