A boyfriend found this inside her Girlfriend’s hand bag, which divided the country. See what it is

It is always nice that people are in healthy relationships. Especially in a country such as South Africa, where Gender based violence is a crisis. Women fear to be in relationships, as they know that it might end their lives too. This is not how people should be living in a democratic country that has the rule of law that everyone has to follow.

People were in a heated discussion, after a boyfriend found muthi wrapped in plastic, inside the handbag of his girlfriend. South Africans started sharing their own opinions based on this matter. It is not a surprise that the majority are already concluding that this is a form of witchcraft. African people believe in witchcraft, and it works for others, and others not. However, if your partner has been using muthi in a secret place, and you only find out about it in this manner, then this man has every reason to be angry and even end the relationship

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People suggest that this is one of the reasons that causes GBV. If a lady uses muthi on her partner, but tries to leave him, it will be difficult for the man to accept, since he was witched with muthi, which is beyond his control. These are basic things that women should stop using to maintain their relationships.

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