A 34-Year-Old Woman Shares What Happened After She Went To Visit Her Boyfriend At Feyiase

A 34 years old woman named Ama Yuodo tearfully narrates what happened after she went to visit her boyfriend for money. According to the woman, she met a 50 years old man named Kwabena Ebo years ago, he promised to get married to her and also provide her basic needs. She too agreed to date him because of the promise he gave her. The man took care of her, rents a room at Feyiase and the two of them went to stay together.

When she conceived, her boyfriend convinced her to abort the baby because he is facing a financial crisis. Ama said she told him that she will never do that because she is afraid to die. Ama added that few weeks after she gave birth, Kwabena bought a land and start building a house on it. She then advised him to allow her meet his family members and also get married to her as he promised.

He didn’t give her any tangible reason, she informed their landlord about it, the landlord too advised Kwabena and he agreed to send her to meet his family members. They fixed a date and went to his hometown but when they got to his family house, all the family members started crying because his mother and other family members die a long time ago but he didn’t go to the funeral.

When they came back she too sent him to her family in the Northern region still, he didn’t make any preparations to marry her. Ama said she travelled to her hometown to visit her parents. Her boyfriend advised her to stay there till he completes his house and get married before coming back to Feyiase. She agreed with his decision and stayed at her parent’s house for months. After he completed the building, he told her that she is not the only woman who has given birth without getting married.

Her boyfriend again told her that he can’t afford the cost of their marriage. She tried to explain it to him still Kwabena didn’t marry her, he also stopped sending her money to take care of their two children. Ama claims she came to visit him at Feyiase for money to take care of their children. Kwabena gave her only GHC100 to her. On her way back to her hometown, she was involved in a terrible accident and was severely injured, she was admitted at the hospital for months.

According to the lady a piece of the car glass entered one of her eyes when the accident occurred, the lady said she went through a surgery but after she recovered from the injuries, she was not able to see again with that eye. Although Kwabena visited her once at the hospital and gave her GHC300 for her to pay part of the hospital bills but she didn’t hear anything from her boyfriend again.

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