8 Habits That Turn “Boys” Into Men

1. Health

Boys allow themselves to be talked to anyhow before taking care of themselves. Also, boys wish they are sick so they can escape duties. It is these same boys who don’t clean their rooms or do routine checkups at the hospital, wait until they are sick. Further, it is boys who keep their environment tidy.

Men always want to look good and are mindful of their environment. Men don’t have a relay mind waiting to be told what to do. Man up guys!

2. Emotional stability

At this point, I know many are victims of this. Many guys do a spillover of teenage hormones into adulthood. It is key for a man to know when to talk, not argue with a lady, ask her to walk out when she misbehaves, and still support her emotionally.

Boys keep quiet when they are to talk and feel shy to express their thoughts confidently or even make proposals to an arising talk.

Men don’t talk too much unless it’s a boys-boys gathering, an environment of the alphas, or when there’s a need to stand up for someone.

Men do the right thing, not what society feels is good.

3. Balance and Control

Boys have this attitude of “this is how I am”, and things escalate from there. There’s a notion that anger runs in the family so that is how they are, so they accept and leave them as they are.

Men ask why. Men find a balance to any negativity that channels emotions such as anger.

Kids can’t control their appetite for things; the same applies to boys and men. Men should avoid unnecessary buying and spending.

This also includes one’s appetite for sex. A man who can control his urges has achieved more than 60% of life’s challenges.

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