7-years-old boy says he visited heaven and Jesus gave him a message for the whole world (Video)

seven-year-old boy says he visited heaven and that Jesus gave him a message for the world.

When a young boy lost his life in a car crash, he said that he went to heaven.

After being resuscitated, he said that he met Jesus and Jesus gave him a message to share with the world before it’s too late.

Vicent Walker was coming back home from the church, along with his mom, Summer and da, Ashton.

The Walker family had no idea that this day was going to be one of the most tragic and life-changing days of their lives.

Ashton Walker was driving the car when suddenly Summer and Vicent heard him screaming.

The next thing they knew, an ambulance had clashed with their car and they had met with a disastrous accident.

He was sitting behind his dad and because the driver’s side had suffered the most damage, rescuers could not see him. But then, they saw a shoe and realised that there was one more person in the car.

They began to search for a child’s body, and after some time, they finally found it. But Vincent was not breathing.

Efforts were made to revive him. The rescuers thought that there was a probability that they could save the boy’s life, and so he was life-flighted to the hospital immediately.

Vincent lost his life more than once that day. He was bought back to life two times, but then he still wasn’t out of the woods.

Doctors told Summer that if at all Vincent lived, which looked like nothing less than a miracle as of now he would be like a baby.

His brain had suffered immense damage and so he would not be able to walk, talk, eat or do anything that a seven-year-old boy can.

Summer just wanted her baby back. She would take care of him, but as of now, she just wanted him back. After all now, he was all that she had.

While Vincent was fighting for his life, Summer also had to attend the funeral of his husband. On the day of the funeral, she was continuously blaming God for their loss.

She said that God should have protected them and that life is unfair. She further added that she felt as if God had abandoned her.

On one hand, she was blaming God for everything wrong in her life, and on the other hand, she was praying to God harder than ever for the safety of his child.

Vincent was in a coma and hooked up with all kinds of machines. Summer prayed every day for the recovery of child. And her prayers were finally answered after 15 days.

Half a month had passed, and Vincent finally decided to open his eyes. Everyone was shocked when they came to know that he did not have any brain damage. He was completely okay.

Summer was beyond happy to see that her child has recovered. But reality soon stuck with her, and she realised that she has to tell him about his father.

She had no idea how to break this tragic news to him. So, she started with a question and asked him if he knew where his father was.

To her surprise, Vincent actually knew where his father was. He told Summer that he met him in heaven. Summer was confused. Did he just say he met his father in heaven?

Turns out, Ashton was not the only one who Vincent saw in heaven. He saw his family, friends and siblings that he never knew he had.

In the past, Summer had two miscarriages, and the couple had never told Vincent about that. So, how did he know? Did he really go to heaven?

He went on to say that met Jesus during his fourth visit and Jesus had given him a message and a mission.

Vincent told his mother that Jesus had asked him to go back to Earth and be a good Christian.

Vincent wanted people to realise that Jesus is real. Heaven is real. And angels exist. Jesus told him that life will get better in the end. He also told him to read the Bible for a better understanding of life.

Summer believed Vincent because the return of his baby boy was no less than a miracle. He had suffered a lot of damage, and yet he was all fine now.

From that day, Vincent and Summer helped other people who are struggling with their lives and are in need of help and hope.

Vincent always tells people that Jesus, heaven and angels are real. He says that he knows it because he’s been there.

Watch the video below:


  1. Jesus is coming back weather you believe him or not.He is alive, The only mediator bw Man and not be deceived by false religions.

  2. I believe in JESUS Christ the son of Go. Because of love He’s still revealing eternity and how to get there. May we all believe now before it’s too late.

  3. I believe the boy, i encourage all those who believe to continue doing so ensure nothing deter us from this belief. GOD is real!

  4. The testimony you just heard is true. I’ve an experience of such, I was very ill to the extend I could not pass urine and stool also,for 10days ,this day I had a self service of songs to the most high GOD when a cousin Bro Kola Lasisi OlareWaju Of Corporate Graphics came visiting, on seeing me wasted no time to get to the hospital, the Doctor incharge travels,the asst said he will give me treatment to keep me till the Master came is back. That same name Jesus Christ the Lord visit me with healing,with aloud voice he called my name and said if I heal you, ll you preach the word? I sincerely shout-out I will, he stretched out the right hand on me and removed from it the sickness and again the other hand to replace what’s up me. Very huge, taller than the mast with a voice of thunder. When I woke up both stooling and urine had opened. When the came to see me ,all he could say was Jesus Christ forever the healer, that day I was satisfied heal by the Dr.

  5. I believe this story because I had a similar experience when I was in coma at a hospital in Jos, I 2006.
    ETERNITY is very real. FORGIVENESS (no matter the offence and the offender) is the primary condition of making heaven.

  6. Thank you Jesus for preserving his life. I believe this testimony. Jesus is real, heaven is real and hellfire is also real. Let’s follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

  7. I believe the boy’s testimony because myself had a similar thing. Though mine was a vision and l went to a place called ‘Church of God in Heaven Where Christ Dwells’. I saw unimaginable things. It is one’s faith , if you like you can believe the boy.

  8. Human s are hard to convince and believe because they even denied good justice for Jesus and crucified the son of God , the boy is speaking the whole truth

    1. I believe the testimony of this boy completely, however even if Jesus is to come now in his glory and power, many people may still not believe, because their minds and souls have been taken over by the evil one.

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