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7 Things You Noticed In A Guy Who Doesn’t A Lover (Girlfriend)

This may comes has a surprise but you wont mind knowing the things around some guys that don’t have girlfriends. Some people may have knew this before now but will have to share to those that are yet to understand how to know if a guy has a girlfriend.

1. They Always Look Tattered
Those who live closely to guys or have them as roomate can confirm this. These guys can be so funny in a way that, they don’t have a girl by there side who will cautions them of there irresponsible act carrying out on daily basis. Like keeping a boxer for like a week, dressing himself locally, always neglect both manicure and pedicure, doesn’t care about anything. This are the things you find from them.

2. They Always Keep Saving Money for Future
Some of them do make brags that they save for future, we don’t need to spend extravagantly. They also talk about how ladies will spend their chances of making them self wealthy. They always speak about how they have been saving all their cash into their bank for future use. And from there if you check their alert messages, they may not even have up to #20 as their balances.

3. They Always Try To Visit the Brothel

Frustration and lack of boldness contributed generally to some of them to go to the brothel where they make an attempt to cool off their joysticks. It is noticed that many people of larger percentage of younger guys do regularly go to the brothel are those who have no girlfriends.

4. They Are Good At Saying “Nigerian Women Don Tire Me”
Most single are not satisfied with the way they have handled so many things attached there relationship lifestyle but they won’t admit it. Most of them are all frustrated human beings and can easily be spotted on social media. They always go aggressively to any innocent woman on social media who talks something which they don’t support.

5. They Maturbate Often

This sound uninteresting, some of these guys are fond of the habit on daily basis you see purchase Vaseline and bathing soap each week and you will begin to question their level of neatness. Since the possibility of getting a girlfriend who will put them to laid is very slim, so they keen on Vaseline or bathing soap as an choice to ease their pleasures, not all of them tho.

6. They Always Discourage Their Friends From Getting Girlfriend
Since most of them have experience a low relationship and have jilted by ladies, finally concluding that being in relationship is a waste of time. They always find them self available to there friends and discourage they from buying their girlfriends presents or discourage them from getting girlfriend and always like to pass judgement of cruelty and pain to their friends to treat their girlfriends.

7. They Hire Girlfriends Throughout Their Birthdays.

They are always found to hire a person as their girlfriend on birthday attached to them. So when the MC tell the celebrant to kiss his girlfriend, they will be sweating profusely like person who have misplaced his lifetime financial savings in bank.

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