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7 Terrible Mistakes of People With Great Destiny

Everyone’s born great, but the greatness is in degrees just like all five fingers are not equal. Referring to the talents parabola in the Bible, you will find that not all of us are given the same amount of talent or skill in life. Others are more gifted than others.

The same is true of destiny. Others have a better life than others. This is essentially the will of the Maker, who has created us for a particular reason, not by anyone. Most significantly, do you know that those with a great destiny are commonly distinct from those in God ‘s view? Therefore, such bad deeds can be done and avoided by some but for them, God’s retribution can hardly be avoided.

Not just that, the devil himself always holds watchful eyes on these people to prevent them from achieving their great destiny or rising to stardom. Unfortunately, the majority of people planned to have a very wonderful and glorious destiny end up struggling to achieve it. In this post, we’ll be raising x-rays on 7 costly mistakes made by people of great destiny.


Nothing destroys faster than an incorrect marriage. A wrong marriage can seriously set one back in life, no matter how wonderful the destiny of somebody might be. Although you think you have a wonderful destiny, a marriage partner ‘s decision isn’t something you can take lightly. It can also decide the difference between life and death. Prayerfully and watchfully choose your partner for life. Ask God for guidance on how to live with your partner if you think you ‘re still in a wrong marriage.


Too many people also have to understand the weight of s3xual immorality on one’s life in the spirit world, be it fornication, adultery, or homos3xuality. When people with great destiny start playing with their bodies, they open a large door for the enemy to molest them and stop them from accomplishing their great destiny. If you work with immorality, you make a costly error which can ruin your greatness. Remember Samson in the Bible forever!


Were you aware that people with great fate frequently face more resistance, disappointments, and defeats than others? Sometimes, they may also believe that they are cursed or that their ‘village men’ are trailing them. If you know that you have a wonderful life, you have to take prayers like the air you breathe. Do not joke with fervent, effective, and enduring prayers. The error of prayerlessness is a costly mistake that can deprive people of their great greatness.


If you have a great destiny, it may be of concern to you that there are people around you who experience it even though you do not realize it. Maybe it did not sound odd to you when you are hurt by men, including the ones closest to you, in a way you never expected. Generally, this is a test of the heart’s resilience and the ability to forgive. Unforgiveness will give the enemy access to your life and keep you bound by your great destiny. Get to learn to forgive. Unforgiveness is a costly mistake you shouldn’t make when you know you’ve got a wonderful life.


It’s crazy how some people think there’s no need for self-improvement, as they have perfect destiny. Self-improvement is the act of developing and improving oneself all-round, especially in one’s vocation area. Many people tend to ‘over-spiritualize’ other things, believing it boils down to their religiousness or spirituality.


Your reputation is Integrity. This is your email. This is your name and your passport. Many people particularly in these times no longer respect honesty. They believe like anybody can do something wrong, even those who should be considered the symbol of honesty. When you have a wonderful destiny, stop something that has the potential to ruin your reputation, because in every way it matters. Lack of honesty is a costly error people commit with great luck.


God orchestrates all relationships in your life to easily guide you into your destiny. You don’t end any of the partnerships prematurely. Also, be careful not to always look down on people because you don’t know who can change your life, even though it doesn’t seem like that. While no law requires you to stay in a wrong and negative relationship, even though it has once been good, be careful at the same time about how you end your relationship with others. Premature termination of relationships is one of the expensive errors people often commit with great luck.

Finally, I hope that by reading this article you learned a life-altering lesson. Don’t be a victim of the 7 costly errors made by people of great destiny.

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By: Omobabafryday

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