60yrs Old Kwaata Show-Boy Impregnates His 3 Biological Daughters; Fined With Schnapps, And 3 Eggs.

60 years old man called “Agya Kwaata Show Boy” has been fined by his local chief for impregnating three of his biological daughters. He is supposed to present some schnapps and 3 eggs to appease the gods of Assin-Andoe in the Central Region. The 3 eggs reportedly stands for the soul of the 3 daughters. Not only that, he is also supposed to pay an amount of twelve thousand Ghana cedis (GHC 12,000) which will be shared among his daughters.

Explaining the circumstances to the press, the Chief of Assin-Andoe explained that, the gods of their land became angry and infected “Agya Kwaata Show Boy’s family” with a strange disease. Not even doctors nor Pastors were able to cure. The accused person Agya Kwaata later confessed of incest, hence the Punishment of sickness from gods.

He was quickly arraigned before the chief and his elders. After been found guilty of the offence, he was charged. The chief added that, girls were abused for many years by their father but weren’t bold enough to come out until they all got pregnant.

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Agya Kwaata


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