6 Dangerous Things You Do That Destroys The Effectiveness Of Your Sperm, No. 4 Is Unbelievable

Sometimes the harm we cause our body is a result of how we ignorantly expose ourselves to certain things.

If you are a man, you would agree with me that having problems with your sexual organs or reproductive health can be very demeaning and even make you you’re your confidence. Now talking about the male sperm, you need to very careful how you expose yourself.

The male sperm has to be perfect in both quality (rich and not watery) and quantity (not too small) for it to be effective.

Let us take a look at 6 conditions that can destroy the effectiveness of your sperm:


Heat makes semen watery, and a watery sperm is as good as useless. Do not wear multiple under-wears; go without one if you feel the need to. Keep your genitals clean, nice, and airy at all times.


Excess weight can lead to erectile dysfunction and other reproduction problems. Keep your weight in check. Shed a few pounds if necessary.


A man isn’t supposed to consume sugar in excess quantity. The reason being that excessive intake of sugar can lead to erectile dysfunction or weak erection.


Mobile phones emit radiation that can be harmful to your sexual organs especially when you keep your phones in your pocket close to your penile or scrotal region. These radiations can a cause o drop of about 9% in live sperm per fluid sample. Hence, the need to keep phones far away from your reproductive organs.


According to health experts, stress can cause the semen to be distorted in form and when your sperms get distorted, they lose mobility, which means they cannot go far enough to fertilize an egg. Try as much as possible to keep your stress levels in check.


Drinking and smoking have done no good for the human body not to talk of the health of your sperm. Drinking and smoking regularly will reduce the quality of your sperms.

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