5 Reasons A Girl Will Date You But Will Never Marry You

Marriage tends to be the end goal of most romantic relationships. Getting engaged and having a happy ending is the dream of every young lover.

Usually woman love the thought of marriage and loving someone. The fantasy of a wedding has even began since woman are a child. The thought of a family and a big gown is always a happy thought. But some woman are petrified by it. Is your girlfriend one of them? Have you known the signs that she doesn’t want to marry you?

You get angry easily, you’re stingy, you are weak in bed you can’t satisfy her, you make your money illegal ways, you engage in domestic violence, you cheat on her, you are not religious. 

A woman may agree to date for your money stay with you while you do all illegal stuffs, you beat her, you don’t satisfy her on bed she will only date you for your money but will never agree to marry because you are not her spec. 

Many ladies will end up singles for life because they date men for money. Being rejected is the last thing anyone wants to experience but then it isn’t the end. 

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