4 Popular Methods Of Sewing Gowns In The Women’s Fashion Industry

There are basically four (4) methods of sewing gowns that have become rampant in our society today. These different ways of sewing gowns are mostly common among young ladies, and I’ll list those different styles here:

° Long gowns made of a single fabric: If a tailor chooses to go with this style, he or she will usually be very careful in areas such as the sleeves, neckline, and even the hem.

° Sewing a long gown with two different materials: In some cases, the two materials used are satin and Ankara, with some tailors preferring to sew the entire body of the gown with satin and the sleeves with Ankara.

° Gowns with puffed sleeves: These styles were Rampant in the olden days and they are still very popular in today’s fashion industry. 

° The final style of gown are those gowns made without Sleeves. They are mostly designed for young ladies.

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