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4 Mistakes Women Make In The Bedroom That Turns Men Off No 4 Is Very Bad

Women try everything within their power to please their men but sometimes they make some mistakes without knowing that is causing more harm than good. If a woman continues to make these mistakes, he might be force to cheat on you. Some men would tell their woman about these mistakes and hoping for a change while some would chose not to mince a word about it. Here are four mistakes women make in the bedroom that turn men off.

1. Snoring: this is usually attributed to men, but when a woman snores, then it is on another level. It seriously turns men off in the bedroom and they would not want to sleep beside their woman as they would get uncomfortable with the snoring of the woman. All of things, I can’t cope with a snoring woman.

2. When a woman refuses to take her bath in the night before bed. Most women don’t know that men are attracted to cleanliness. Most women would come back from work and wear their night clothes and rush to bed without bathing, this turns men off.

3. When a woman prefer to chat with her phone, instead of giving in to her man’s advances. This is usually bad most time, giving more time to your phone than your man, puts him off easily.

4. Body and Mouth odour: Some women have body odour or mouth odour, this is one factor that could turn men off easily and so make sure you maintain good hygiene.

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