4 Crucial Reasons You Are Yet To Get A Boyfriend

1. You may be expecting too much from guys. What are you expecting to get from a guy when he’s your boyfriend? Take all the expectations of how a guy should chase you and romance you and convince you to be with him and throw it in the trash. When you find a guy who you’re attracted to think of all the ways you can be valuable to him. Materially, have a servant attitude, offer to help him shop for his mom and sisters for Christmas, make him food and bring it to him, if you have access wash his laundry. Emotionally, listen to him, respect him, back him up and don’t make too much fun of him in front of his boys, and let him know you trust him and his decisions, if you can’t do that find a different guy because if you do all this for him, and he’s attracted to you, then you’re well on your way to convincing him you’re someone he should be chasing and he might just want to marry you.

2. You may not be attractive, either stylish or physically. People are quick to judge whether they are interested in someone based on looks alone. They aren’t only interested in the hottest people, but there is a bottom limit for many people. You must be at least groomed, clean and maintain basic hair maintenance.

3. Because you may have unrealistic expectations and have made yourself unapproachable .it doesn’t matter if you are the prettiest or think you are the ugliest. To get a boyfriend you have to be open to options and not limited by some fantasy of prince charming to come riding up on a white horse and sweep you off your feet.

4. You may not be presenting yourself like you want to find a partner. Men nowadays are self-conscious and need to make sure that the woman is interested before they make a move. We also may assume that you’re taken if you don’t show some initiative

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