300 Level Unical student dies in her sleep ahead of her wedding (photos)

A 21-year-old student of the University of Calabar has died in her sleep and friends are mourning her on Facebook.

Ruth Ogar, a 300 Level student of Accounting, was set to get married.

Her fiancé, Amber James Asuk took to Facebook to mourn her after her death.

He wrote: “Ruth Ogar I am short of words. I dont even know where to begin. you were not supposed to be the one to die. I am the older one and you were just barely 21. we already made plans for your 22nd birthday. everything just happened so fast. I dont even know what to blame. I am deeply sorry you had to go so soon. it hurts me deeply. I love you with all my heart. we were about getting married and I only came to see your parents. then suddenly the cold hands of death took you.
I know there’s nothing I can say or do that will compensate for your loss but I swear with my life to honour your memory till the day I die. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

Ruth was to turn 22 on Feb 3. Unfortunately she died in her sleep.

Her last post on Facebook was on Jan 18.

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