3 Things Your Lady Expects You To Do Anytime You Are Making Out

Many guys out there are boring, they don’t know how to play with their girlfriend. They only know how to press their phones even when they are with their woman.

A musician once said, “love is sweet, when money enters love is sweeter”, this saying is true but not at all times. Money is not all you need to be in a relationship, there are many other things too.

One of these things is knowing how to play with your girl. Knowing those parts your woman responds to during r0mance is very important.

It has been observed that many guys who are in a relationship don’t know how to treat their woman right. They don’t know that doing this makes a girl feel pampered like a queen. Not knowing this could make most ladies start to lose interest in their man, thereby forfeiting the relationship.

As a man, you need to study her well, know what makes her happy and what gets her in the mood. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the things a lady expects you to do while you are playing with her. It includes:


Most guys don’t know that girls love it when a guy does this to her. It’s a big turπ on for most ladies and trust me, doing this can make her feel you more.

It can make her start to request for your “gbola” and from there, you can do the do, you know (winks).


This is another thing that girls expect you to do whenever you are playing together. It makes them feel loved and relaxed.

It makes her feel safe and comfortable too, and most girls love it when you caress their back. It means a lot to her.

This is another great turπ on for ladies as it makes them happy and feel loved too.

When you do this while playing together with her, it makes a lady know how much you cherish and love her even without saying it.

What other thing do you think should be added to the list?

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