3 Things You Should Do After Making Love To Your Partner, Especially No 3

Love making is considered as a form of exercise especially for married couple. It also eases stress and strengthens a relationship.

There are some practices that are very important after love making with the opposite gender. We shall discuss three things partners need to do after having intercourse with each other.

1. Passing out urine; After every intercourse, especially when the partners had it without using protection, and when they do not trust each other completely, the two should try as much as possible to force out urine from their body.

Passing out urine could help in flushing out bacteria, fungi or any other form of microorganism that was transferred by the other partner. If you can not produce enough urine that moment, then take enough water.

2. Drinking enough fluid; Taking fluids such as fruit juice, soft drinks and water, helps partners in replacing lost fluids due to intercourse. The fluids also help in calming the body’s temperature and pressure which was raised due to the act.

3. Rest a while; Energy was used up during the course of the exercise, and so, both partners need to rest a while on the bed. You don’t just stand from the bed and start dressing up or leaving when you are done unless there is an emergency.

Reason being that, during intercourse, especially in males, there is usually enough supply of blood to their reproductive organ, this makes it to be rigid in order to penetrate the walls of the female’s organ.

So after the intercourse, you rest a while for the body to re-establish blood circulation all round again.

That is why most couple, especially the males fall asleep after the act with the opposite gender.

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